9-5 Chic

9-5 Chic
January 2, 2017 TycheNYC

Does rushing from work to nighttime obligations and fitting too much into your social calendar sound familiar? Everyone is so busy this day in age and cramming in too many plans can cause some stress! Well, we have the perfect way to kiss that stress goodbye…plan your outfits accordingly.

It’s perfectly normal (and super efficient!) to wear the same outfit that you wear to the office during the day to a concert or on a date later that night. Check out some versatile pieces that pass for both day and night fashion.

Cropped Tops

Cropped tops = date night material! A cropped top coupled with a high wasted skirt or pant maintains professionalism in the office, but flirtation at night. Depending on your workplace, showing some skin is okay, as long your outfit looks polished. If your office is a little more lenient, wear an off-the-shoulder cropped shirt. If not, wear a blazer over it.


Leather Leggings

Once leggings entered our lives, we decided we never wanted them to leave. Wearing a comfortable, no-hassle pant, while looking chic is our idea of a fashion dream. Leather leggings dress up any outfit and offer the perfect amount of sexy while keeping things covered up. Add a long sweater or blazer and you’re good to hit the town when the clock strikes quitting time.


Cut Outs

Another trend that is safe at the office and bold at night is a cutout shirt. Wearing an all-over cutout top, cutout sleeves, or tee with a strappy bralette with a crisp, fitted pair of jeans (or leather leggings!) allows you to run from work to play without an outfit change.