Beautiful Blue this Month

Beautiful Blue this Month
March 7, 2017 TycheNYC

Picture this: Napping in your fave bikini by the crystal blue waves of the ocean lapping lazily in the warm sun. Ahhh – beauty, purity and relaxation. That is precisely what the serene blue aquamarine March birthstone evokes.
Once an oceanic treasure of mermaids, the clear blue gem is a favorite accessory, nail, makeup and home décor hue. The pastel color is a pair-will-all shade that lands smack-dab in the middle of blue and green on the color wheel and goes well with yellow-gold, bronze, coral orange, pink and coral.

Take a look at some wonderful ways to incorporate the pale blue stone into your everyday life.

Be Different



We’re all about modern takes on tradition. So, think outside the jewelry box with a unique aquamarine engagement ring or trendy gold chain chocker adorned with a mini birthstone ring.

Raw Jewels




Channel that mermaid we were talking about earlier with raw aquamarine pieces that pop. The natural state of the stone has more oomph in its bluish turquoise color, whether it’s set in a subtle rocky stud or handcrafted hammered ring.


Not Just The Jewels

You don’t have to limit yourself to jewelry with this wondrous color. Aquamarine is a popular home décor shade when set against a traditionally white room or utilized in a modern setting. The aquamarine tiled floor is what dream houses are made of and the daring all-blue room certainly is a #roomgoal for us.