Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October 28, 2016 TycheNYC
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It’s hard to walk down the street or watch television during the month of “Pink October” without seeing some sort of coverage or awareness of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM). Since 1985, the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) has run an annual campaign during the month of October to increase awareness and raise money for research on the disease. So many fashion designers have joined in the fight to find a cure in recent years and offer charitable donations with purchases of their products during the designated month. Thankfully for women everywhere, NBCAM gets bigger every year and more people donate to the supportive cause as a result.


Keeping in mind that it’s not always about fashion, all women should head to the NBCF website, where the foundation is giving out free breast health guides to educate women on how to detect the disease early and provide tips on how to be breast cancer aware.


Now, about the fashion. You can do your part by shedding light on the cause at no extra cost. Some people die their hair pink, others wear pink in honor of a friend or family member who has suffered from or survived the disease. Take a look at simple ways to add a touch of pink to your October wardrobe.


Blush pink can jazz up any fall outfit that flaunts your typical seasonal muted colors, like military greens and nude hues. Layer another colorful element with a pink necklace and you’re ready to go and do some good.


A statement necklace says a thousand words whether it’s bold and risk-taking or subtle and follows a monochromatic vibe. Pairing a jeweled piece that matches your outfit exactly can be just as daring.


Now it’s time to switch up your jewelry game. Go all gold with your accessories and let the pink do the talking with your wardrobe choice. Oodles of gold minimalist jewelry balance the rosy colorful piece that will be the highlight of your outfit, and a great conversation starter for when breast cancer is acknowledged and discussed.