Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching – Coin Jewelry

Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching – Coin Jewelry
December 12, 2016 TycheNYC


Money…who doesn’t love it? We’d say the majority of mankind loves the way money smells and possessing a lot of it. So what if we turned currency into a fashion statement. Since us ladies all love money, we should put it on display and wear it as art. That is what fashion is, right?

Coins have made a surprisingly easy transition from currency into jewelry, making any piece look rich with history and significance (we love pieces that tell a story!). High fashion, vintage and boho trends have all embraced the coin to create such money makers as dangly coin earrings, coin bangles or multi-layered coin necklaces.

Check out the looks below. We guarantee they’ll have you running straight to the bank to make a purchase.

In True High Fashion

Dolce & Gabanna showcased an amazing collection on the Milan runway in 2014 that drew from historically rich Sicily and featured ancient coins in many of its looks. It’s pretty safe to say D&G can basically predict the future when it comes to fashion, paving the way for many coin inspired jewelry designs to follow suit.


As mentioned above, we love jewelry – or anything really – with meaning behind it. If you’re lucky, find a piece (gold or silver) of currency that a grandparent or older relative has kept and have it incorporated into a piece of jewelry. You’ll feel proud to wear it and want to brag about such a meaningful piece!


If you are looking for a super trendy accessory to complete a boho look, a multi-layered or multi-textured coin necklace is the answer for you.