Color Us Ruby Red!

Color Us Ruby Red!
July 13, 2017 TycheNYC
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Dear stylish July babies,

Secret for you: you’re about to have a really great fall! Why? The deep scarlet hue of your ruby birthstone is predicted as the “it” color of the upcoming season — says Elle Magazine, New York Mag, and just about every other authority on fashion.

Dating back to ancient times, the vibrant ruby was believed to bring people love and success. The wine-colored jewel was also worn on the armor of warriors as a symbol of protection. And then, who can forget Dorothy and her ruby-red slippers (ok — that’s not really a historical fact, but pop culture when we’re talking fashion!).

With all this ruby talk, we felt inspired to share our favorite red — power red, as the fashion gods call it — outfits and accessories for your trend-hunting enjoyment.

Sincerely, Tyche NYC



Add red-hot accessories to your summer and fall outfits. Layer on some red accents to a classic white tee and denim outfit, or add a pop of fiery color to an of-the-moment yellow dress. (We love those pom-pom earrings!)



Ever since Dorothy debuted her magical ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz, red shoes have been a staple in many a woman’s closet. And since the trend comes and goes, don’t be afraid to invest in a couple pairs. They’ll definitely make a reappearance in future seasons.


For the fashion-daring, grab all the crimson red in your closet and go head-to-toe. Tip: it helps to lace in the red stylish pieces you own, like off-the-shoulder or crop tops, and button down skirts.


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