Cool work wear. It’s possible.

Cool work wear. It’s possible.
September 16, 2017 TycheNYC
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Stuck in front of your closet every morning wondering what to wear to work? Happens to all of us. You find yourself gravitating towards a few pieces and just like that, you don’t have enough clothes. Yup. That happens to us too. Luckily, your fashion fairy godmothers (us!) are here to share some fresh ideas to update your closet with versatile, trendy work wear pieces that are waaayy better than a stuffy pant suit. Check ‘em out!

Tailored Blazer

Tip: Blazers rarely go out of style, but a blazer’s cut is consistently updated season to season. So, make sure you have the most up-to-date silhouette to pair with jeans, black pants, a dress, whatever. This tailored blazer refines any outfit in the office or on the weekend.

Midi Skirts

We’ve written about midi skirts a few times this year, because we really believe in them. They’re the answer to any fashionista’s “what do I wear” question almost every time it’s asked. Depending on the office environment, wear with a tee or button-down shirt, and flats or pumps. Bonus: Bring a sexier top to work with you and change into it before that date you have. No running back home to change. No hassle.

Structured Tote

You most likely have a lot of stuff to carry when you’re commuting and leaving the house for most of the day — gym clothes, books, papers, an extra pair of shoes. Leave the duffel bag or backpack at home, and make sure your bag matches the sophistication of your outfit with a structured tote. It instantly puts you in the “I’ve got it together” category. (No one has to know your dirty socks and smelly sneakers are in it!)

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