Earrings That Make a Major Statement

Earrings That Make a Major Statement
April 30, 2017 TycheNYC

Women are on a roll right now! They are making bold statements in business, politics, education, society, and even bolder statements in fashion and on the runway.

This season, one of fashion’s hottest moments plucked from the catwalk wasn’t about the most innovative apparel or the most inventive shoes. It was the earrings that had models stylin’ and profilin’ down fashion’s biggest stage.

Show-stopping, eye-catching STATEMENT earrings.

So, this is what to look for…bold earrings (the kind Beyonce wears) that drop down low to your shoulder and feature geometric patterns, abstract shapes in all sorts of fun colors, metals, and materials. There is no limit when it comes to size.

On top of that, we’re experiencing a resurgence of the hoop earring! And not just any hoop. Oblong shapes, multiple hoops in one earring, massive sized hoops. Any type of hoop, really.

Warning: the statement stunners we feature below might take you outside your comfort zone. But you can tackle any trend in the name of fashion, right? We thought so!



Leather + wood of enormous proportions in contrasting colors. We’ll take them!

The mismatched, lopsided earring trend is still going strong! Grab all of the lone earrings you’ve saved over the years (don’t know why, but we all have them) and put them to use.


Every angle of accessory fashion is focused on the modern, sleek geometric shape!


If you’re looking for a fresh, modern update of the hoop earring, you’ve found it.


With bigger canvases comes freedom to design more creatively. Check out these jumbo tribal mask earrings.