Fashionable Toppers

Fashionable Toppers
April 17, 2017 TycheNYC

Let’s talk hats, and not because the mama bear in us thinks it’s important to shield our beautiful faces from the sun’s wrinkle-inducing rays. Really, let’s talk hats because they are adorable, fun, and are the forgotten accessory that instantly jazzes up an outfit.

There is basically a hat to complement every fashion style – we’re really digging the panama or wide brim fedora and the dad hat these days. The panama and wide fedora are similar in style and makes an outfit look oh-so “put together”, while the dad hat (baseball cap) adds street style cool to a casual ensemble.

Hats don’t always have to be a solution to a bad hair day. Take advantage of this season’s hat trend and polish off your fashionable outfit with the perfect accessory.

Perfect for summer, the panama and the wide brim fedora can be worn just about anywhere day or night, whether it’s shopping, sipping wine in the sun, beaching, or just lounging in your friend’s backyard.

For the first time maybe ever, we give you the go ahead to raid your father’s closet to top off your fashionable outfit. “Dad hats” have been hitting the streetwear fashion scene as the newest it accessory. Dress down a rocker look like Gigi does or complement your laid-back, offduty outfit with the season’s hottest trend.

We like these toppers so much that we had to talk about them twice. Dad hats also seem to be embracing the statement trend wave by sporting some amazingly clever words, sayings, hashtags, and more. Super fun sayings not pictured: boy bye, stay ugly, uh huh honey, goaldigger.


image credits: Pinterest