Gemstone Feature: Opal & Tourmaline

Gemstone Feature: Opal & Tourmaline
October 24, 2016 TycheNYC
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Opal and Tourmaline are two beautifully unique gemstones that also happen to be the birthstone of those born in October. Both are known as two of the most radiant gems on the market. Due to their vibrant array of colors and unique beauty, opal and tourmaline are in high demand throughout the world.


October’s first birthstone, opal has a unique property in changing color. Legends say Opal was believed to make it’s wearer invisible and was a popular gem amongst thieves and spies.   Opal is associated with hope, faith, and innocence – and in today’s market has been a substitute for diamond engagement rings.


Tourmaline, October’s second birthstone is a relatively new discovery. Because of this, it lacks a history similar to Opal and other gemstones. It is also known as the “peace stone” and said to keep the wearer calm and tranquil.


Our stylists at Tyche have put together their favorite examples of Opal and Tourmaline below!