Go Purple with Amethyst in February

Go Purple with Amethyst in February
February 22, 2017 TycheNYC

We love the color purple. It’s not as girly as pink, but it’s still a feminine color. It has a history associated with royalty, power, and magic. And most importantly, it helps us remember the late musician Prince.

While February is typically saturated with colors of red and pink to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’re going to celebrate the month with the shade of precious purple that inhabits the amethyst.

Amethyst, the birthstone of February, is a beautifully gradient purple Quartz, found deep in the Earth’s crust, that emits a range of warm colors from deep violet to light lavender.

In addition to is elegant nature, it’s an affordable piece of jewelry…so let’s go shopping!


Abode Accents

The earthy natural texture of the amethyst quartz is a great contrasting accent piece set against smooth, clean lines typically found in modern décor elements. Add a renewed look to you living room and swap out that old accent piece for something a bit edgier (literally!).


Ear Candy

With yellow as the color wheel opposite to purple, amethyst sits beautifully in gold metals whether your look is goddess glam with regal, clustered hanging studs or eco-chic with rustic, jagged dangles of the raw crystal.


Purple Pendants

Adding a beautifully raw element to a trendy geometric shaped piece of jewelry sets a moody tone to any look. Or a strikingly unique amethyst charm is sure to draw attention as an eyecatching accessory.


(all images credit to Pinterest)