Haute Couture + Street Style

Haute Couture + Street Style
February 28, 2017 TycheNYC

From one girl to the next, fashion dreams are made of one-of-a-kind designs and gorgeous gowns that make you feel like a princess. The rich and famous can sometimes afford these luxuries and the ultra-rich experience this unattainable level of style with what we call haute couture fashion.

Haute couture is defined as high-end fashion apparel that is made by hand from high-quality, lavish fabrics, often constructed with extreme attention to detail. This method of opulent garment creation originated in Paris, so it’s only fitting that most lux designers showcase these exquisite looks at THE Haute Couture Fashion Week in the motherland. The City of Lights. Paris, France.

While the catwalks exhibit extravagant fashion as art, editors and celebrities flaunt casual, but still flashy, ensembles to attend the shows. The best looks are captured by hordes of street photographers that descend upon the city for the buzzed-about week. Street style in Paris is next level and we’re here to share some of the coolest looks from Paris Haute Couture’s lucky attendees.


Jeans with frayed hems, velvet shoes and an oversized bomber is an ultra-combo of today’s current trends.

With the global takeover of the Women’s March last January, we’re feeling the women’s empowerment movement (well, now and always). Statement tees coordinated with a fashionable outfit illustrates an air of confidence we love.

Don’t forget that the French have mastered “chic”, so it’s only fitting Olivia Palermo takes advantage of this “when in Paris”.

Monochromatic attire is not going anywhere. One might choose to push boundaries with a color, but this black, white and brown get-up has us swooning.