In The Trenches of Fashion

In The Trenches of Fashion
March 17, 2017 TycheNYC

What is a great layering piece, an utterly sophisticated addition to any outfit, and sexy all over? Why, a trench coat, of course! We’re racking our brains trying to figure out a time in the history of fashion when a trench coat has gone out of style – we’re pretty sure that answer is never.

The classic coats have a legendary past in making statements in fashion and even date back to the First World War when officers wore them to cover up in the “trenches” of battle. Over the years (over 100 of them), we’ve witnessed the evolution of the trench as it’s seen endless iterations with different colors, patterns, buckles, fabrics, belts, buttons, and more. Audrey Hepburn etched the fashion staple in our brains forever when she wore one in 1961’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and fashion darlings have been wearing the coat ever since. Even today, there is something about throwing on a trench coat that effortlessly completes an outfit. We don’t know if it’s the super flattering silhouette, classic belting or standard layout of trench buttons…but it does the trick!


Pairing a trench with a super casual outfit instantaneously amps up the trend factor. Add some edginess with ripped jeans, a pair of Stan Smith sneaks, and a fringe-tastic purse.



A polished look is what we associate most with a trench coat. A “grown-up” dress, heels and sophisticated bag complete the familiar trench look we know and love. Modernize it a bit by wearing all one color for a monochromatic ensemble.