Layer your jewelry like your clothes

Layer your jewelry like your clothes
November 28, 2016 TycheNYC

This is what we do to stay warm in the winter…we layer. Tank top. T-shirt. Blazer or sweater. Maybe a hoodie underneath the blazer. Jacket. Scarf. That’s a lot of layers when you think about it.

Well, the art of layering has also crept into other styling territories like our accessories. Less isn’t more anymore. Greater is good and the more jewelry you stack on your bod, the better. When done right, the result is super stylish.

There are no rules these days when it comes to layering and styling your jewelry. You can layer your necklaces (big and small, chunky and dainty), your bracelets, and your rings. You can mix metals, add in other textures, partner unlikely pairs. Anything goes.

Chunky Layers

Add depth and ultra dimension with two to four chunky necklaces. When you pile on necklaces of ample size, be prepared to make that the focal piece of your outfit. Choose a more street fashion look with gold chains or create a trendier look to your preppy pearl necklaces by stacking a lot of pearl white pieces together.

Minimalist Jewelry with Multiple Layers

Start at the neck with one tiny chocker and complement it with multiple thin longer necklaces to your navel if you choose. Layering can also give you a chance to personalize your look by adding in a popular initial plated necklace to the mix.

Stack ‘Em High

What’s wonderful about stacking rings is that you have so many places to put them (they don’t all have to go on your neck!). A combo of rings placed on multiple fingers in different areas creates a chic yet boho vibe. And sometimes it’s nice to go old school with a dainty stack on your ringer finger. Both approaches are equally as cool.