September Blue… and Pink, Yellow, Peach, and More

September Blue… and Pink, Yellow, Peach, and More
September 10, 2017 TycheNYC
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The month of September is upon us, and the end of summer brings lots of change — especially fashion change. It’s the time of year we are reacquainted with our fall wardrobe. With September comes orientation, school, football season, and more. So put away your pool and beach attire, and swap it for something a little more school and tailgate appropriate.

While you’re contemplating your new fall wardrobe, think about incorporating the September sapphire birthstone into your outfits — because, why not.

A little history: The sapphire was once thought to guard its owners against evil, and its beautiful blue color represents purity and wisdom. (That’s where you get all your smarts, September kids!) And while “sapphire” may mean blue in Greek, it comes in almost every color of the rainbow, including pink, yellow, orange, peach, and violet colors.

Since not all of us can afford a bit fat sapphire like Kate Middleton, we thought we’d show unique ways to wear the stone or color without breaking the bank.

(Image Credit: Pinterest)

Sometimes it’s fun to switch the traditional bauble for something unique and different. Go uncommon and get quirky with your sapphire jewelry choices.

Try sapphire earrings in a raw, natural state (just as beautiful as the refined pieces!), or rock a deconstructed ombre sapphire stunner. You don’t see jewelry like this very often.

Not in the market for new jewelry? No problem. Incorporate sapphire blue into your wardrobe. Demi Lovato recently did it with this show-stopping silk pajama suit. And if you’re not as daring as Demi, mix indigo, ultramarine, and royal blue pieces into your outfits like this awesome denim hoodie.

(Image Credit: Etsy & Pinterest)

We couldn’t let you go without checking out the different colors a sapphire has to offer. Opt for a twist on the classic engagement ring and solidify your lifelong love with a pink sapphire. Or for an everyday piece, wear a delicate yellow sapphire necklace. It’s light, airy, and great for layering.

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