Shimmer and Shine this New Year’s Eve

Shimmer and Shine this New Year’s Eve
December 27, 2016 TycheNYC


Whether you’re kissing prince charming or jamming to Justin Bieber with your girls when the clock strikes midnight, it’s the outfit that’s really going to make you feel like royalty this New Year’s Eve!

Get down to business, don’t delay this year, and make sure you’ve got the fiercest number to make you feel sexy, confident and ready to par-tay.

The coveted final night of the year denotes free reign to shimmer like a disco ball or shine bright like a diamond, and you’ll never feel overdressed. So load up on as many beads, sequins, and metallic pieces that your heart desires.



Sequins have been a New Year’s Eve staple for as long as we know. This year switch up the sequined dress for a blazer, skirt or pants. The subtle change will definitely have heads turning.



Beading is a good alternative for those who want to make a statement but aren’t super fans of sequins. Adding beaded detailing to your New Year’s Eve outfit adds dimension and drama to your look. Treat your fully beaded blazer or pants as your outfit’s centerpiece and pair it with simple accents for a sophisticated effect.



Another way to fancify a show-stopping New Year’s Eve outfit is to add an on-trend metallic shirt to a pair of pants or flirty skirt. Cover up in a metallic sweater and patterned pants or show some skin and rock out with a low-cut metallic button down and leather pants. And you definitely can’t go wrong with the perfect mix of a metallic cable knit top and feather skirt.