Show Us Your Stripes!

Show Us Your Stripes!
May 20, 2017 TycheNYC

Fashion operates in this order. We see a trend emerge on the runway, and then it slowly cascades through a number of channels before it hits our closets. Since Spring 2017 Fashion Week was held last September in New York City, we’ve been waiting with bated breath to get our hands on anything striped!

Well, that time is NOW. Stripes have been popping up in all shapes and sizes, and the timeless linear pattern has been infiltrating all sorts of garments – shirts, bralettes, pants, skirts, dresses, sandals, pumps, and more. Some of us are even wearing striped underwear this season…that’s how many striped pieces are available to us at this moment.

Now that the warm weather is approaching, we’re making sure our tops and dresses are updated with the most eye-catching trend. So, we highlighted some of our favorite striped pieces we’ve seen in the blogosphere recently.


Elie Saab and Altazurra are among the trendsetters that are creating picturesque, vibrant striped dresses.



Bloggers have embraced the trend in a big way, and are seen donning classic, nautical-inspired black and white stripes. Red and blue stripes also create the same timeless look.



We’ve seen luxurious and we’ve seen trendy. Now let’s talk casual (our favorite!). These easy on the eye looks complete the perfect light and airy summer ensemble.