Tassels, Tassels Everywhere

Tassels, Tassels Everywhere
October 24, 2016 TycheNYC
In Report

As the temperature descends to a chill and the fall season sets in, new trends emerge and others seem to be continuing to make the rounds. In recent months, we’ve seen tassels everywhere making a declaration that these tufts of loose, hanging threads have arrived and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. This fall, bright bold tassels can add a pop of color to a fall-hued outfit or simplified tassel detailing can easily add sophistication to a refined outfit. The trend really fits anywhere…and maybe that means, it’s not a trend. Tassels are here to stay!


These furry adornments can make a serious statement when worn in a loud, “look at me” kind of way. You can don an oversized pair of tassel earrings with a casual look or wear a multiple tasseled necklace as the focal point of your nighttime outfit paired with a uber chic velvet dress and stacked heels. Look to the runway or fashion-girl celebs for inspiration to create an unstoppable outfit that is guaranteed to turn heads.


We’ve also learned that less can mean more with the simple addition of an understated tassel belt to a work or date outfit. And for those who are a little more reserved, we’ve found that the addition of a tassel flats to pair of jeans can add a flirtatious vibe to a low-key outfit. The subtle combination of a trendy piece with a classic outfit airs a confidence that you know what’s up in the fashion world.