Three for One in June

Three for One in June
June 9, 2017 TycheNYC

We thought April babies had it lucky with a diamond birthstone, but we may have gotten it wrong. Those born in June are a rare breed with not one, not two, but THREE birthstones. The pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite stones offer a huge spectrum of colors (name one, you’ll find it in these stones), rarity, historical value, and spiritual meaning.

They can be used as costume jewelry for a night out on the town or as an engagement ring to seal a lifetime of love. Below, we’ve got fun facts for each precious gem, and hope you gain a new appreciation for this awesome jewelry.

The Peal

Here’s a fascinating tidbit — the pearl is the only birthstone that is made by another creature, the mollusk. Finer pearls are a creamy white, and others come in different colors like purple, green, or black. The most coveted pearls are the natural ones found in the depths of the seas, but most contain a thin shell to keep them from damaging (they are very soft!).



The Alexandrite

This modern gem might be the rarest of them all, as it’s known to change colors from day to night. With its chameleon properties of green to purplish-red shifting hues (mind blown!), this rare stone goes with just about anything. Can you believe the two pictures above are the same stone!


The Moonstone

With the appearance of iridescent moonlight over water, the moonstone has a calming energy that is closely associated with lunar activities. Its powers have a reputation for opening up feelings among loved ones, and are incorporated in many therapeutic sessions.