Trend Alert: Bell Sleeves

Trend Alert: Bell Sleeves
January 20, 2017 TycheNYC

Are you looking to take advantage of January sales? Right now is the perfect time to stock up on any of-the-moment trends you haven’t snagged this year. If you’re looking for a fashion forward, mega-trend wardrobe update, there is only one thing you need to purchase…the voluminous bell sleeve!
We’re happy to embrace the bell sleeve trend this winter, because frankly, our shoulders were getting cold from all of the off-the-shoulder tops we have been wearing. A bell sleeve has many distinctions but the general gist that rings true (pun intended!) to the fashion movement is when a shirt, dress, or outerwear has extra fabric that starts anywhere from the elbow, mid-arm, or wrist and flows the bottom of the sleeve to form a billowing cuff that looks like a bell. A smaller bell sleeve can add an ethereal element to a dainty shirt, and a massive bell can bring a shirt up a trend notch to create a bold statement.
Street Style



Imagine your sleeves getting caught in the wind, sending you into a scene-stealing tailspin. That’s the amount of drama these babies bring to what used to be a plain shirt. Pair your trendy piece with skinny jeans and flats or with a metallic pleated skirt and sneakers.
All Dolled Up


Sometimes a formal look needs updating. There are only so many LBDs we can wear, right? Full bodied sleeves add a playfulness to fancy, sophisticated outfit. Tack on a bell sleeve to a cotton dress or a sequined number and the effect is equally as striking.