Trend Spotting 2017

Trend Spotting 2017
March 28, 2017 TycheNYC

This year has been a great one for fashion, and as we enter the month of March, we are seeing the year’s trends play out! Some of the trends below are a continuation from last year (always a good thing for our wallets!), and we’re starting to see some new ones take shape.

Let’s take a look and the most fashionable trends women are sporting these days.



In recent months, we’ve seen the footwear spotlight on mules and backless shoes, and it’s likely they aren’t letting go of their fame just yet. Ramp up on this style as the weather creeps up the thermometer (perfect for spring and summer!).


Some like color, others like black. But have you thought of pairing neutral shades of beige, pink and brown to create a consistent palette that emotes the monochromatic trend? Taking the subdued color approach can still pack a punch.


Floral patterns are everywhere this spring. They can bee seen as an all-over pattern, or as an applique or embroidered accent on apparel, footwear, and accessories. Add this floral jacket to any monochromatic look, or even the neutral ensemble we mentioned above, and you automatically have a statement piece.


The choker trend gained rapid momentum last year as the perfect complement to any off-theshoulder look. This year, you’ll see both bold and dainty designs to accentuate the neck with the tie chokers, bolos, and pendants.


Asymmetrical jewelry is for the modern trendsetter who has a knack for edgy and inventive design. The intentional play on fashion can be seen with jewelry with lopsided or reverse stone orientation, or wearing half-pairs of earrings that just don’t match.