Trendy Festival Hair 101

Trendy Festival Hair 101
May 31, 2017 TycheNYC

Trend seekers are on high alert during music festival season, as these notorious multi-day parties are a runway for the season’s latest and greatest trends. Fashion-forward concertgoers strut their style, and post their latest looks on social media for the world to see, leaving us at home with wardrobe envy!

At Coachella, Stagecoach, and SXSW (among many others!), fashionistas dare to bare the newest warm-weather outfits each day. We love the skillfully curated outfits that include, but are not limited to, beloved canvas sneakers, patterned bralettes, ripped jeans, and gauzy duster coats.

But an outfit isn’t complete without a complimentary hairdo, right? While you’re culling your festival wardrobe inspiration, zoom in on the hairstyles these darlings don. Use the below picks as a crash course on Trendy Hair 101!

Middle Braid

Introducing the middle braid…a delicate approach to the classic French braid. A tiny French braid begins at the forehead and travels down the middle of your hair in a straight line. For a trendier take, finish off the look with a ponytail or messy bun at the end of the braid.

Glitter Roots

The glitter roots ‘do is not your everyday hairstyle, but it’s super fun to wear to a special event. Be as creative as you’d like with color, whether it’s rainbow, gold, silver, purple, pink, blue, or green. They all work!

The Wave and Braids Combo

Tired of braiding your hair or sick of the collective hours spent creating loose curls with a curling iron? Go for a combination of the two for a fresh take! Use the textured soft wavy hair as a foundation and then weave two side braids that meet at your crown.