Winter to Summer and Vice Versa

Winter to Summer and Vice Versa
July 25, 2017 TycheNYC
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If you’re like us, you enjoy getting a bang for your buck when it comes to fashion. There’s no better feeling than receiving a great return on your investment on a trendy or timeless shirt, jacket, or dress — especially when you’re paying a pretty penny.

Only get a couple month’s wear out of a jacket is pretty depressing, right? We get it. Certain purchases are a must for winter and summer months…winter coats, earmuffs, bathing suits, and so on. But for everything in between, it brings us sheer to wear these pieces year round.

Brush the cobwebs off your winter staples, get creative, and check out ways to flaunt them this summer.


Don’t store these away when the temperatures start to rise. Knit cardigans and chunky sweaters are the perfect layering piece over a summer dress on a chilly beach night or in the frigid air-conditioned temps of an office.

Winter Booties

Pair a satiny summer dress with leather or suede boots for an alternative street-style ensemble. The marriage of a feminine frock and bad-a$$ boots makes for a perfect edgy look.

Turtlenecks and Long Sleeves

These winter staples can easily last year round. A basic turtleneck or long sleeve go great with a pair of jeans in the winter (under that trusty knit cardigan), or layered under a spaghetti strap sundress. Sneakers or sandals complete this casual look.


Trench Coats

Never underestimate the power of a lightweight jacket. Outside the fall and winter months, an on-trend trench goes great with a summer dress, skirt, or even a tee and short combo. Play with the lengths underneath and go mini, midi or maxi.

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